Remote Vibration Monitoring

IDPMS offers Remote Vibration Monitoring, our simple concept allows us to constantly monitor vibration (Velocity/Acceleration) and temperature 24 hours a day, remotely.

IDPMS have 10+ years experience of remote vibration monitoring in sectors such as:

Oil and Gas


Industrial Services

Food and Beverage


Production & Packaging


Vibration monitoring data can be viewed graphically or downloaded from any internet connected computer, smart phone or tablet.

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IDPMS have a remote team monitoring critical assets all over UK.

How does it work?
The Sensor

Accelerometer Vibration in 3 directions


Ambient or Asset

Flash memory

Data storage during processing



3 years (in standard operation)


Bluetooth chipset

Our IoT Solution


It provides our clients with reassurance vibration monitoring and real time data is ensuring plant production is maximised whilst downtime is minimised; additionally, should vibration alarm parameters be breached, an SMS text and/or email alert will be sent to any stakeholder/engineering team that require this information.

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Data is sent from the sensor to the gateway via Bluetooth.

For best practice the gateway should receive data from around 15-20 sensors, and up to a distance of 20-30 meters away.


We install the sensor which collects vibration and temperature data from your assets.


The data is sent from the gateway to the cloud via wifi, where it is stored and advanced analytics are performed.

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Our IoT Mission

Our remote monitoring IoT System was developed in order to give you unmatched visibility of your operational assets performance, whilst saving you money.​​​​

Enables proactive decision making in maintenance, inspections and operational practices.

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Proactive Maintenance

Lower cost condition monitoring system to remotely monitor continuous performance and health of assets.

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Competitively Priced

Receive alerts and notifications of equipment performance or change in behaviour.

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Alerts and Notifications

Real time visibility into previously unmonitored critical equipment (monitors, bearings, belts)

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Complete Visibility

Our Remote Condition Monitoring solution helps you to increase your sites OEE through identifying and addressing  availability, performance and quality factors.

Planned downtime


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Minor stops

Speed loss


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Production rejects

Rejects on startup


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